Benefits of Power BI Your Business Needs in 2021

You might already have a well running business in your geographical area. Implying you must have a wide audience and your sales are going fine. You have a limited number of staff and you mostly prefer to keep it small and run it from the family. So, what is the need for data after all?

While you’re already sailing in your business, you might come to a point where you find customers going to big businesses. They will shop the same products that you’re selling, but they are preferring other businesses than yours. You might think, why is this happening after all?

Personalizing Customer Experience

This is because customers prefer the business that talks to them. This creates a difference in their lives and makes them think of the value of a business in various senses. Take an example of email, when an email lands in your inbox and starts talking about their business- how do you feel? It is natural that you don’t feel very good and throw it in the spam folder.

 On the other hand, when an email lands and says, ‘Hi your name’, I understand you’ve been having problems with so and so and I’m here to help you out of it. It is natural that you are attracted to this quite naturally. This is because it speaks to you.

Similarly, when you head to a shop and start looking at different products, let’s say a refrigerator, you start roaming around and reading the sights besides each product in the store. How about when a salesperson comes, asks your queries and then helps you find the product that you were just looking for? Isn’t it a great experience to find such a value.

Data in Business

The element of personalization is where you provide customers what they are looking for, you’re not addressing the masses but talking to them directly. This is what today’s customers want and no matter which industry, this is the type of experience that businesses must strive to provide.

Data forms the building block in such experiences. When you have data about your customer behaviour, the market and your own products, you can make decisions that impact your customers and your business. Similarly, data helps you innovate with your products and find a sustainable ground in the cut throat market competition.

In addition to this, the data can help you-

  • Understand the behaviour of your customer
  • The influx of demand during a particular season
  • Why customer is interested in one product
  • Which is the season that sells the highest quantity of particular product
  • Which type of products are best for selling in a particular season?
  • What type of campaign appeals best to the customer?

Once you are able to determine these for your business, there are lots of other components that you can determine as well, that are too specific for each department.

Power BI

With Power BI in the picture on the other hand, taking out insights and finding what is important becomes fundamental. If you’re thinking why, that is because it is a complete package of tools that removes the burden of manual tasks from your shoulder and that of your business.

Power BI my Microsoft is available in different versions depending on the needs of your business. For example,

  • Power BI has a desktop tools that helps you manage all your excel sheets and document in one place
  • The mobile version helps you keep a track of all the dashboards and reports for your overlook
  • The cloud service facilities of Power BI helps in understanding and bringing your data together as well as performing computation on top of it.

Minimal Upfront Costs

One of the best benefits of Power BI is the upfront costs. Since it is free unless you need to upgrade to the pro version, you can use it without making any payments.

Reports Across Devices and Platforms

With Power BI you get reports across multiple devices and platforms. You can grant limited access to your employees as well as keep the controls of editing with you.


Sharing dashboards has never been easier than with Power BI. suppose you want to access the sales dashboard, you can do that within seconds with power bi consulting and so on.

Drag and Drop

When you’re using Power BI you can easily drag and drop most of the elements. If you want to change your dashboard, edit reporting styles or grant accesses. Do it easily in one click.

Power BI can create all the difference to your business. All you have to do is get started with it immediately. Reduce the burden of manual work and get carve a niche among the customers with ease.