If we look at Pakistan 30 years from now, we will see a lot of textile mills, spinning mills, jinning factories. And thousands of acres of land on which cotton was being cultivated, but then what happened suddenly, in just two decades, the country, which was self-sufficient in cotton, started importing cotton.


One of the reasons for the decline in textile mills is our rulers and their wrong policies Like, let’s first talk about the policies of government:


Our rulers allowed the establishment of industries where there was agriculture. When industries started on agricultural land, the production of agriculture would automatically decrease and If this crop is made of cotton, then obviously textile mills will have to import cotton, their expenses will increase and they will not be able to compete in the market. 

In fact, behind all this, there are many mafias working who are actually the enemies of our country, Pakistan.

 Actually, a large group of mafias are working on it whom are the enemies of Pakistan. 

These mafias showed green gardens to the capitalists and industrialists that leave textile mills and start implementing sugar factories, And the extent is that our rulers became the partners of these mills and as a result our textile industry became devastated   Now these people didn’t stopped here they lured our farmers to grow sugarcane instead of cotton that will be more profitable due to this where there cotton was cultivated now sugarcane was growing , Then this mafia exploited our farmers, our farmers stood in shining sun for 2 to 3 day in front of mills because of this, Sugarcane became dry and shrinks ,now the farmers are helpless they has to sell sugarcane to sugar mills Therefore the person who worked hard day and night and grows his crops is dishonored and disgraced by those mafias whom are sitting in air-conditioned rooms.


Well, this is the biggest reason behind devastation of our textile mills in fact, there are so many reasons behind this but the industry which is considered as the backbone of economy of our country Pakistan, if we destroy this industry which is the backbone of our economy then what will happen! 

So, I request our rulers not to allow startup of industries where cultivation takes place. On Those lands where cotton was cultivated, cotton should be grown and then bridle these mafias.

If we start writing about the damage done by closure of textile mills then, hundred of pages maybe filled, because a textile mill is a direct source of livelihood for many families. At the same time, thousands of families earn their living from it.

May Allah help our rulers to look after their own interest