Facts About Brands

We all love brands and there are really brand conscious people who want to eat branded things, wear branded things, get educated in a branded school and even get medically facilitated in a branded hospital as well and do anything kind of thing that has a huge brand name. While there are some people who think that wasting money on brand is a bad thing and one can get the same thing in the same price. The fact is that even we have seen many cases where men’s shoes in a brand store is of 300 AED and they get the same thing from the local market for less than 100 AED.

But when it comes to cars and different vehicles, vehicle branding in Dubai is very important and the most famous work of cars is of car tinting in Dubai and that is also if one uses branded materials. If you want to open a business then we suggest that you open a branded store. Even though the second category of people are right, but there are a lot of people who have a lot of money and they just prefer brands. So, doing business of brand is a good idea. And if you now want to open a brand store then read out facts about brands before you put the money;

  • Starbucks: we all are familiar with Starbucks and they really care about their customers like in a way that they have round tables just so that if some strangers share a table, they can sit right next to each other.
  • Pepsi: this is a re-owned beverage brand and the name of the company was inspired by a digestion enzyme that is found in the body which is named as Pepsin.
  • McDonald’s: who does not want a juicy McDonald’s burger? And some who don’t want one please let us know why! and McDonald’s fans will be surprised to know that initially this company sold hot dogs and not burgers.
  • Coca Cola: this is another famous brand of beverage and that is always in competition with Pepsi and coca cola is consumed so much each second 8000 glasses are consumed and the rest of the math you can do it yourself.
  • Philadelphia: this cream cheese was basically made in New York.