Difference Between Road Tyres and Racing Tyres

Most vehicle owners barely know what to look for in features when buying new tyres, let alone understanding the difference between racing tyres and road tyres. The difference however is huge. Road tires are designed in a way that they can easily adapt to various weather conditions – all-season, summer, and winter tires. Racing tires on the other hand, are prepared for extreme hot conditions and smooth asphalt. When buying tyre online, customers are given different categories to choose from as everyday usage and competitive racing situations vary. Let us find out about some of the major differences between these two types. 

Road Tyres: Designed for daily usage, road tyres are able to perform in different situations and weather conditions. 

  • There is a huge importance of tread wear in road tyres as deeper the groove, the better the road handling and grip. This feature also provides a balance between wet and dry performance. 
  • The traction level on road tyres is quite less as it has a tendency to aquaplane. The tread of tyres prevents them from aquaplaning, resulting in a safer choice during wet conditions. Quality tyres like Hankook use improved durability and heat-resisting properties that allow better traction performance. 
  • The growing demand for Hankook Tyres Dubai is mostly because of the high grip silica compound that allows improved dry or wet traction along with lower rolling resistance.
  • Road tyres are more durable and are designed for longevity. Their equilibrium rayon carcass line provides enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability. 
  • Road tyres are not able to withstand extreme heat and can burst in high temperature. 

Racing Tyres: Designed specifically for only one thing – racing, these tyres offer the maximum road grip during braking, accelerating, and cornering. 

  • Formula 1 tires are taller and wider, having a more rigid structure. This allows them to have a better grip, especially at high speed. Hankook Tyres is among the many other leading brands that support motorsports and have sponsored events and teams, a platform where boundaries are pushed and their tires can be tested. 
  • The traction level on racing tyres is more due to the greater surface area. This allows better grip in dry conditions. Performance tires prevent hydroplaning and are designed to maintain superior control, stability, and excellent drainage.
  • Racing tyres experience a lot of wear and tear due to the extreme driving conditions and it reduces their lifespan significantly. Durability and longevity is difficult to achieve with racing tyres.
  • Racing tyre can handle high temperature without burning up or bursting due to their special design. All high performance tyres have a long lasting compound grip that prevents overheating. 

All the top brands offer both the racing and road tyres, each having its own unique features. Online platforms like Dubai Tyre Shop have a vast catalog for performance tyres buyers as well as passenger tyres.