Privacy Policy

Here on this page, we will let you know about our privacy policy, It is to inform you that we are very serious about our privacy policy. To ensure our privacy we take necessary steps, here is a brief explanation of our privacy policy. We may ask you about your e-mail, name your biography ,we will not disclose your information to anyone. It is our priority to give protection to the personal data of every person.

Data usage

We save some of your data only for your benefit here, we will tell how we take your data and what is the purpose of the data everything is clearly mentioned.

Email Id 

We want all user’s email id to interact with them at some points, to ask them about their topic, and to contact them for some purposes.

Time Duration

We also see how many people visit the website in which content they are reading the more to increase the user interaction. To make our website experience good than before but not to share with anyone else.


There is also the option of select the cookies, cookies are used to check the users what they are doing on the website. But there are two options in the selection of cookies users can accept the option of cookies to track or can decline the request.

Information Record 

There are many reasons to save your information out of which few are as follow

To increase the quality of service.

Contact you if at any time any change happens in services.

Make a connection with users for their best support.

To view how the activates are going on the website.

It can also use to solve  different kind of problems.

Data Sharing 

If any legal agency will ask for data records we are bound to give them the record. If we use any third-party service we try our best to give them your information by making sure that they will not leak your information at any cost.

Other Party 

To give you better service we can take help from any other party, but your security is our prority but if they will leak your information. We are not responsible for that thing. That party will be responsible and will be answerable.


If you visit any other site by clicking on the link from our website its  mean now you are on another website. So now Read out the privacy policy of that site there our privacy policy is not applicable.

Contact Us  

For any kind of help regarding our website, you can contact us at any time. Our team of customer care always welcomes the people. Contact us page is available on our website. Simply type your query and submit our team representative will contact you to solve your query.