Terms and Conditions

Here are the rules and regulations which everyone has to follow, please read out carefully all these points. All the visitors have to take care of these rules, if anyone will not follow the rules while submitting the articles than the management team has all righst to trash that content without informing the author of the content.

Limited access 

We have allowed all the users who want to publish their content on our website but they all have to follow our guidelines.


Only give us your own content without copy-paste from any other website or any other source. Adult content is not allowed on our website. The link to an adult website or any spam website link will be removed. If anyone will do such above things we have the right to discard your content, we will not publish your content.

Only give us the quality content without grammatical mistakes and all other errors. Write such content and submit to our website that engages the reader and gives the reader benefit. Some people write 100 or 200 words or some only submit a video and in the description of the video place the link of the website in such cases we will not entertain such content.  

URL of websites

Some people want to publish the post and give the link to their website these persons are welcome here, but if anyone will use more than one link in one article-admin has the right to remove more all or some links. If any content under review admin thinks to need some modifications before publishing, he can contact or can change me at any time.

No Copy Paste 

If any writer submits such content that is copy-paste of other sites admin will delete that content. So only submit unique content all the time.

Content Criteria

Every person that submits the content check that content from google or any tool and make sure the content is unique don’t match with any website content. It will help us and also you to save time as well as to increase the website quality